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Our Wellness Packages

• The "Detox" - program of complex detoxification (cleansing) of the whole body removes harmful toxins accumulated as a result of modern life style. Detox is the first and the last step on the way to healthy living – we recommend to Detox 2-3 times per year since an early age to prevent any serious problems in the future as well as continue to detox to treat chronical conditions and prevent reoccurrence.

• The "Anti-Stress" - program is designed for our contemporaries who are tired of the environment and the events of the day, drowning in the chase for happiness. High achievers who give 110% daily often look after many others while forgetting themselves. Stress poses quite a physical threat to our health and might result in a number of very serious life threatening conditions. Anti-stress program will teach you how to achieve inner harmony, healthy body and a clear state of mind that perfectly aligns to set you on to the next step towards quality life you dream of. With knowledge gained through anti stress program, we help people to achieve higher targets while feeling full of energy, happier, healthier and more successful in life.

•The “Weight Management” – is yet another underlining cause of many medical conditions and overweight is often caused by several factors. It’s an obvious result of poor lifestyle choices leading to poor self-esteem, weakened immune system and usually results in shorter life expectancy. Weight will be taken under control on the long term and never come back following a few simple rules. This is a life changing transformational experience that will not only bring better quality of life to you personally, but positively affect those around you too.

• The “A La Cart”is a great possibility of designing personalized program. We will create customized wellness programs that suit your needs, for those who may not find the above useful. When designing a program, we conduct interviews, surveys and assessments to ensure that the wellness program we create addresses the needs and goals that you aim for.

Many of us sometimes think about starting a healthy lifestyle, but more often promise ourselves that from Monday we will change our life, and it never comes. Do it now.

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