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spa spices
spa spices
spa spices

Signature Spa Improvements

Depth Of Nature

Integral body and facial massage to rebalance energy centers and spirit of the body through a combination of several massage techniques from around the world. This luxury spa treatment is specially designed to embark on an enriching and inspiring therapeutic adventure.


Massage is performed simultaneously by two Spa therapists over the entire body to stimulate lymph and blood circulation through deep tissue massage and light gliding strokes. Accompanied by healing aromatic oils the flowing movements and a four-hand technique ensure an exceptional sense of well-being.


This unique spa treatment is exclusively tailored to blend Maikhao Dream Spa methodology with the harmonizing techniques including lymphatic drainage, shiatsu, reflexology, and foot massage. Chromo-energetic massage offers a total relaxation of deep full body massage and the sensational experience of color therapy.

Operation Hours: 
10.00AM to 10.00PM

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