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ship yoga
ship yoga
ship yoga

Born to move testt

Nature built us into perfect motion machines with abilities that in modern society get neglected, despite the fact that availability is very high and we can keep ourselves in shape at any time of the year, through any environment.

Maikhao Dream’s Wellness experts conceptualize around the Thai, Contemporary and the Ayurvedic Discipline, the fitness and Spa regimen of diverse spa treatments, activities and training sessions on ground and in water and give your body the initial boost that will help you to continue the routine once at home. This results in a healthy recovery as well as release of happy hormones and countless benefits along.

While fitness body care brings an outmost pleasure of peace and relaxation at the state of the art spa facility, ranging from hot herbal steam and seaweed baths to full body synchronized massage or ancient shirodara treatment, all of the treatments are selected and designed to speed up the process of detoxification, stress release and shedding extra pounds.



Tailoring the daily schedule to include the art of Muay Thai, Thai yogi or Yogilates, the Authentic Thai Discipline perfectly matches with an array of therapeutic baths, scrubs, massages and wraps using local oils and herbs making an overall experience exotically traditional Thai with hint of modern practices known for full body rejuvenation and spirit uplifting qualities.


Contemporary Discipline is crafted around the idea of preparing you to return home ready to carry on the popular international trends, choosing from Cardio, Cross Fit or Pilates with a session of saunas, modern massage techniques as well as variety of body care treatments all widely known for reenergizing body and mind.


Yoga is the oldest known art of fitness, whether it is Ashtangha, Hatha or Ying yoga. The most suitable yoga to achieve your needs will be paired with the enhanced therapeutic value of herbal baths, medicated Indian oil massages and a range of body treatments all the way ensuring unique experience of ancient ways of body and soul healing.

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