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Other nearby Attractions

Phuket’s Big Buddha

Phuket’s Big Buddha sits tall on top of the hills in southern Phuket and is easily visible due to its unusual height. At a height of 45 meters, this statue can be seen from over five kilometers away and exhibits a calming ambiance. It also offers a 360-degree panoramic view of the city and is simply magnificent if encountered during sunset.

Hot Water Springs

A hot spring is located in nearby Natai  offering mineral-rich hot water baths that have numerous salubrious benefits.

The Chulabhorn Underwater Park Conservation Centre

A marine conservatory located within the Third Fleet of the Royal Thai Navy shares knowledge of the Andaman aquatic life and resources that are highly valuable to the Phang-Nga region. Established by Phang-Nga Naval Base, this two-story complex preserves the aquatic life and also aids in development of waste-water disposal.

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